[Vision2020] Trump's Conflict of Interest: He Owes $100 million to Foreign Banks

Garrett Clevenger garrettmc at frontier.com
Wed Jun 8 21:46:29 PDT 2016


Then again, nobody likes politicians who say one thing then do another, what most people would call lie. That doesn't make said politician endearing, it only makes constituents (like me) cynical. And thus people give up participating in the political process leading to further less then stellar votes being made and bottom of the barrel candidates being elected.

Welcome to 2016.

If an elected official is going to pass laws that affect other citizens then it seems only appropriate for citizens to make their voice heard. We all know truth is rather fuzzy so what may seem like spew to you may actually be a reasonable point by another. 

But I digress. I wasn't writing to criticize your voting record, and I won't bring up specifics unless pressed.

I replied based only on your seeming support for Trump in what seemed like a defensive original reply to this thread. It makes me glad you don't like him and gives me hope that others will see through his BS.

It seems you're accusing me of making shit up about you. I'm inclined to say things that seem a possibility. It seemed very likely you supported Trump and thus would hate Billary. I apologize for implying incorrectly.

Also, most people who are willing to write here are probably going to get things made up about them, so you're not alone.

Personally I'm not excited by the prospect of the Clintons back in the Whitehouse but the Trump alternative seems like a complete disaster waiting to happen.

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