[Vision2020] Idaho GOP rejects anti-bigotry resolution

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Courtesy of the June 3, 2016 edition of the Spokesman-Review at:



GOP rejects anti-bigotry resolution
Update: The platform committee rejects the anti-bigotry resolution with all voting no but one.

At the Idaho GOP convention in Nampa, Melissa Davlin of "Idaho Reports" (@davlinnews) is live-tweeting the discussion on resolutions in the platform committee. Among proposed resolutions: Two against transgender bathroom requirements; one against bigotry. Melissa points out that three people have already spoken against the resolution denouncing bigotry, stating that it violated First Amendment rights.


Here's the proposed anti-bigotry resolution that was overwhelmingly rejected by the platform committee of the Idaho GOP. Melissa Davlin of "Idaho Reports" tweets that one delegate commented that the language in the resolution was the type that the other side uses.



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