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Hi Roger,

I hope your recovery goes well.  BJ did an outstanding job and she is an
incredible woman, both as a friend and tireless and smart public servant.


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> B. J. did a good  job. I think Jon will also. They provide great service.
> If anything them need more staff in emergencies. I have been a resident
> there most of last week. I was in ER twice and had my Gall Bladder removes
> on the 25h. I go back for a review with Palouse  Surgeons tomorrow.
> Roger
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> Courtesy of today's (June 1, 2016) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.
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> Gritman's longtime chair replaced
> BJ Swanson out as chair, Greg Kimberling to take over role
> Gritman Medical Center's Board of Directors started a game of musical
> chairs during its annual public meeting May 25 that resulted in longtime
> Chair BJ Swanson being replaced with Greg Kimberling, a member of the board
> for the past six years.
> Swanson has been a board member since 1999 and has served as chair since
> 2001.
> Swanson said while the vote for chair didn't go in her favor, she doesn't
> feel as if she was demoted. It was the first contested race she has faced
> since taking over the role.
> "There was an opportunity for Greg to step up and he was more than ready
> to do that," Swanson said. "We have re-elections every year and I always
> wanted people to run and this year they did it."
> She said she has recently been spending more time with her family and away
> from the office, which may be a reason the board voted to take a different
> direction.
> "Greg was definitely the best choice for chair," Swanson said. "I put my
> name in because I've been there for a long time. Fifteen years is long
> enough for any job, and I thought let's let someone else try it for awhile."
> Gritman Medical Center CEO Kara Besst said Swanson will still play an
> important role for the hospital as a board member. She still has two years
> left on her term.
> "Our members of the board have been very strong, and we're very pleased
> with our board," she said. "Our board role is to set the direction of the
> hospital. The vision they have has helped us provide greater medical care."
> Kimberling said he has big shoes to fill.
> "BJ is incredibly hardworking and she devoted huge chunks of her life to
> the hospital," he said. "She is a grandma and her grandkids are young. I
> would assume she wants the free time and it's hard to do it when you're a
> chair of the board, and she never does anything halfway."
> He said the board will be attending a retreat next month and he hopes for
> conversation among members to see if they would like to make any changes to
> the current vision.
> He said he's happy to have Swanson on the board for the next few years to
> use her expertise.
> "There's no rocket science, just like everywhere else change happens. All
> we did was switch positions," Kimberling said.
> Board members Kraig White and Rula Awwad-Rafferty ran unopposed and were
> re-elected to their positions on the board.
> Gritman Medical Center is also seeing change outside of the board.
> Besst confirmed longtime Gritman Medical Center Pharmacy Director Bill
> Nash and Chief Financial Officer Preston Becker are both leaving the
> hospital. Besst said Nash was leaving for personal reasons of which she
> wasn't allowed to discuss. According to Gritman policy, the hospital does
> not give any information on its employees. Besst said Becker has found a
> position in Nevada, where he will be taking as over as CEO for a hospital.
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> "Good-bye" from another BJ (somehow, this just seems appropriate) . . .
> https://youtu.be/XvqyY3muiW8
> Take care, Beedge.
> Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .
> "Moscow Cares"
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> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
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