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Courtesy of today's (July 29, 2016) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


Letter: Logos School and wetlands
In 2005 the Moscow School District proposed a levy to construct a new high school on property east of Mountain View Park. The site was of low elevation with several acres of wetlands. In 2005 the debate was primarily about wetlands, environmental impacts, roads, access, safety and infrastructure. The levy was soundly defeated with 56 percent voting no.

Recently, the same property was acquired by Logos School to build a new school, gymnasium, track and church. The site was annexed into the city on May 16 and zoning was changed to R-2 to accommodate the Logos plan. A hearing for a conditional use permit to build the school and church, and variance to exceed the allowable building height, was heard by Moscow Board of Adjustment on June 28. There were only a few people in attendance to oppose the application. Fortunately, the proposal was tabled and a new hearing is scheduled at 7 p.m. Aug. 2 at City Hall.

In 2005 the proposal was public and people were aware. Now, the proposal is private, and only property owners immediately adjacent have to be notified. The 2005 plan was soundly defeated by an overwhelming majority and, in my view, the only way this current plan can be defeated is by an outcry from the general populace and numerous presence by concerned citizens at the Aug. 2 hearing.

Those concerned about the environment and the potential negative impacts of developing this site should please voice their concerns and attend the hearing. I wish Logos School well in their efforts to build a new school. I think the site, however, is highly inappropriate for a school and church.

Protecting wetlands and environment are the primary basis for my objections. It was a bad plan in 2005, and it is a bad plan now.

Toney Driver, Moscow


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