[Vision2020] Haunted Farragut

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Mon Jul 25 12:33:33 PDT 2016

I played a (very) minor but interesting role in Farragut history. Between
1964-67 I was assigned to the U of I NROTC Unit as an asst prof of Naval
Science. For my first year or so I was "George" as in "let George do it" (I
was a LTJG, and the most junior officer in the unit). In 1965 I was
dispatched to Farragut to conduct a "survey" in conjunction with turning
the base over to the state. To the Navy, a survey is not what most people
would think - it really was an inventory which is done upon disposing of
Navy property. I have a dim recollection of counting the buildings,
streets, and fire hydrants, then signing (in triplicate) the official form.
The whole process took about an hour. To this day I am not sure why an
officer was needed to make sure that buildings and hydrants had not
disappeared ( or maybe appeared by magic!). But maybe without my signature,
Farragut State Park wouldn't exist today (!??)
Brent Bradberry
CDR, USN (retired)
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