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Three Scottish Wildcat kittens, considered rarer than the Bengal Tiger and Giant Panda, are ready to make their debut on Caturday.

Courtesy of Kent Online (Kent, England) at:


Wildwood near Canterbury introduces Scottish Wildcat kittens - rare than the Bengal Tiger
A popular wildlife park is introducing its newest arrivals – three rare Scottish Wildcat kittens named Oban, Fearn and Rhu.

The male and two females have been born at Wildwood near Canterbury, Kent and are now making a public appearance.

Dad RJ is currently separated from mother Carna and her three kittens for their safety.

Keeper Sally Holt said “If we decide that it is possible, we will carefully integrate them in a few weeks when the kittens are bigger and stronger.”

Scottish wildcats are in such serious decline, they are considered rarer than the Bengal Tiger and Giant Panda.

They once roamed all over the UK, but were persecuted and their habitat destroyed, driving them north.

Ms Holt added: “The reason they look so much like your average tabby cat is because they breed with our domestic moggy.

“Hence, diluting 'wildcat' genetics and producing what we call a hybrid cat, with altered markings on its coat.

“It is vital we try to conserve what we have left in the wild and in captivity.”

Wildcats at Wildwood are genetically tested for their purity to determine whether they are good candidates for joining the conservation breeding programme, run by Scottish Wildcat Action.

“At just 4 weeks old, the kittens were already showing off their bold and fiery attitude with hisses and spits when keepers entered their enclosure. They are certainly not to be messed with!” said Ms Holt.






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