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 Happy Leap Day! Brought to You by Julius Caesar

 Want to See More of India? Take the Indian Railway

 How Brussels Became a Real-Life Comic Strip

 This Morphing Mannequin Could Transform the Fashion Industry

 Inner Earth Is Teeming With Exotic Forms of Life


 It's Way Too Hard to Find Statues of Notable Women in the U.S.

 Travel the World With Ennio Morricone's Evocative Film Scores

 This Animated Movie About Van Gogh Is Made Entirely of Oil Paintings


 In 1940, Hattie McDaniel was awarded Best Supporting Actress for her role in Gone with the Wind, becoming the first African American to win an Oscar. McDaniel had to get special permission to attend the ceremony, as the venue was a segregated nightclub, and she was forced to sit against a far back wall, away from the rest of the cast. This wasn't the first time she was met with prejudice for her work in the movie.

Learn why she was banned from attending the film's premiere in Georgia.

 Photo of the Day


 "The Mausoleum" Photo by Andy Goodwin
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