[Vision2020] dispicable ?? Well, probably that too

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If I were to pick a song that encourages me and I hope sends out a message about me and my pals it would be:


And to complete the picture certain bullies certainly are in my mind when I listen (and sing along) with this song:  Warning!!!!!! Very graphic language.





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I believe the purpose of the misspelling was merely to emphasize that Scalia possessed his own brand of "dispicable", an emphasis of which I strongly agree, an emphasis reflecting the potentially graceful demeanor of a . . .


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On Feb 22, 2016, at 2:21 PM, Rose Huskey <rosejhuskey at gmail.com> wrote:

What  a pity when I posted about the skunk Scalia I spelled despicable incorrectly.  Not that it matters much in this instance, I think most readers understood what I meant.  


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