[Vision2020] Idaho 2016 Republican Incompetence In Plain DaylightView

Linda Pall lpall at moscow.com
Fri Feb 19 16:02:57 PST 2016

How right Ken is!!!  The Hillary for Idaho folks will be having a “Palouse Artists for Hillary” silent art auction with wine/beer and FUN on March 3... keep your eyes out for the specific information AND be sure to caucus for the DEMOCRATS on Tuesday, March 22 at McDonald School.  It’s your chance to participate in selecting the next president of the US!

Call me if you have any need of information or want to join the troops! You are most welcome to join our ranks and be part of this important campaign!

All the best to everyone,

Linda Pall
Latah County Coordinator, Hillary for Idaho

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Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2016 4:43 PM
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Subject: [Vision2020] Idaho 2016 Republican Incompetence In Plain DaylightView

Idaho 2016 Republican Incompetence In Plain Daylight View

If we didn't know better, one might think that not content just to attack other minorities in other states, Republicans in Idaho are attempting to persuade Idaho Democrats to forget their March 22 caucus date.  But alas, no, March 8 is the closed-to-Republicans-only primary election.

Here is a link to contribute to the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.  Donate what you are able to elect better legislators.



     IDP Asks Secretary of State to Revise Misleading Billboards

      The Idaho Secretary of State's Office is misleading and confusing Idaho voters with a taxpayer-funded ad campaign about Idaho’s presidential election process. The Idaho Democratic Party has asked the Secretary of State to correct this campaign, which fails to inform Idaho voters that only Republican and Constitution parties are participating in the taxpayer funded primary election on March 8. To select the Democratic Presidential candidate, voters will attend county caucuses on March 22. 

      Denney's time in the Idaho Legislature included careful attention to making sure only Republican can participate in Republican primaries. We're certain he'll be eager to avoid this outcome.  

      We hope that you will help us take immediate action by signing our petition and sending a message to Secretary of State Denney.


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