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Courtesy of the February 22, 2016 edition of the Army Times.

Register Women for the Draft

The military’s opening of all combat roles to women has quite naturally led to proposed legislation that would require women to register with the Selective Service System, which is the law for all men ages 18 through 25.

Though there is debate on whether this is appropriate — some lawmakers introduced legislation to abolish the Selective Service System — true equality must include participation not only in the voluntary aspects of military service, but also in the involuntary mandates.

Top Army and Marine leaders have endorsed requiring women to register for the draft, as have a number of key political figures, including Republican Sen. John McCain, the nation’s most prominent living war hero.

Not everyone believes drafting women is a smart idea, though. In fact, a good number of people — including many military leaders, believe the draft itself is a bad idea: Conscripts don’t always take kindly to being forced to serve and can hurt morale, readiness and unit cohesion. They can be a real pain in the rear for the enlisted and officer leaders charged with their care and feeding.

The draft was suspended in 1973, but the requirement to register was reinstated in 1980. While the Selective Service System exists, women should also be required to register for it.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq put to rest credible concerns about women in combat as they proved themselves highly capable of everything from engaging the enemy in firefights to commanding war ships and flying combat aircraft.

If there again is a need to draft large numbers of people for military duty, the nation will be best served by drawing from a pool that includes men and women.

Footnote:  During the course of my 20-year Army career I have served over, under, and along-side many female soldiers.  I have NEVER found any to be faltering in their commitment or abilities in the performance of their duties.

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