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The science of combining alcohol and marijuana. 

Wait . . . there's a SCIENCE?

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The science of combining alcohol and marijuana
Combining alcohol and marijuana can cause intense effects, leading to dizziness, nausea, and a major increase in the risk of a car crash.

Over at Mic.com, writer Kathleen Wong drills down into the science of why combining booze and weed — called “cross-fading” in some circles — gets people so messed up.

Alcohol is a total nervous system depressant, while pot’s main active ingredient, THC, activates individual nerve cell receptors in the brain and body. Taken together, alcohol will increase your blood vessels’ uptake of THC. That can mean going from slightly buzzed on alcohol to totally faded in just one toke.

“I get instantly hammered like I just took a bunch of shots,” says one cross-fader quoted in the story.

One thing Mic doesn’t mention is how folks who generally don’t like or use cannabis will sometimes try pot after alcohol has decreased their inhibitions and increased their confidence. The all-to-common result is an “unpleasant feeling of dizziness, becoming pale and feeling nauseous.”

Recent surveys also indicate cross-fading is far more popular in young people, whereas purely medical marijuana user stay far away from alcohol.


What can I add, but . . .

"Don't Bogart that Joint"

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