[Vision2020] With a near perfect GPA Devin Carscallen plans to study civil engineering at U of I

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With a near perfect GPA Devin Carscallen plans to study civil engineering at U of I
MOSCOW, ID — KLEW cares about you. This week's "Academic All-Star" comes to us from Moscow High School. He has a near flawless GPA holder and was the quarterback for the Moscow Bears.

Meet Devin Carscallan a senior at Moscow High School. While being a three-sport athlete Devin also maintains a 3.9 grade point average. He said sports have been a huge part of his life at school.

"I've played sports since I mean since I've ever been able to," said Carscallen. "That's the thing I've done I mean I probably get three weeks off a year."

Devin always seems to have a lot on his plate but says he's met so many of his friends from sports.

"This past two years of sports, I feel like just like I've been a lot closer with my friends and I feel like we've been doing well," said Carscallen.

Inside the classroom Devin's favorite subject is government. After he graduates, however, he will be attending the University of Idaho to study civil engineering. He hopes to be in that department for his career.

"I hope to be a civil engineer and working for either like a city or just for a state," said Carscallen. "Just working on trying to get bridges built stuff like that."

Congratulations Devin Carscallen, you're this week's "Academic All-Star."





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