[Vision2020] University of Idaho Cruelty Continues Beyond the Pale

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Apologies in advance for any typos - I had hand surgery after Thanksgiving &
am still in the recovery process.


It breaks my heart to share this information, but the University of Idaho
has continued its unconscionably cruel campaign against campus cats  :(


As some may remember, the UI rightly earned itself a PR nightmare when the
disturbing secret actions of Dr. Death (Peter Autenried) & the Facilities
Killing Cabal were exposed.  Those actions included trapping, tormenting,
gassing, and eventually killing - as a first response rather than a last
resort - a wide variety of animals on campus, including campus cats.  That
anyone with connected brain cells would think it appropriate for the UI to
condone the construction and use of an inhumane (in case you missed the
factually correct comment from WSU, don't believe Dr. Death's lie) homemade
gas chamber on cats in the 2st century is unfathomable, but there you have


Thousands of people from around the world - including nearly a thousand from
Idaho alone - were rightly outraged when the details of the "Vermin Control"
policy and the UI Killing Cabal's actions were discovered, and they signed a
petition calling on the UI to do better.  The petition was delivered to
President Staben back in October.  


AFAIK, the UI has done nothing positive to address the situation of campus
cats since, a situation it created and has ignored for decades and instead
indirectly dumped on faculty, staff, students, and community members to
humanely handle.  Individuals have spent thousands and thousands of dollars
-- and untold hours of unpaid time -- doing what the UI has failed to do for
decades.  In fact, if you talk to really old-timers, they can tell stories
about how cats used to be welcome on campus and even inside buildings when
rodents were discovered.  Campus cats used to be valued working members of
the UI community.


Indeed, the very fact that the campus isn't overrun by cats is testimony to
the success of those individual efforts over the decades and to humane
campus cat management that includes TRN, rescue, and adoption as well as
kindness and humanity.


Flash forward to this week and the bitterly cold temps we're experiencing in
the midst of this holiday season.  While we're enjoying the season and
hoping for a white Christmas while trying to stay toasty, life becomes much
more difficult for campus cats with the extreme cold.


And, as a compassionate person aware of the situation would do, someone
placed a very small "shelter from the storm" in a hidden area on campus
where a cat had been spotted.  Who knows if the cat was owned, lost, stray,
recently dumped by a departing student, or what  :(  Heck - we leave our
boat-less "boat garage" door cracked overnight when the weather is bad like
this, and we also make sure unfrozen water is available in multiple places
on our property because everything needs access to water even in the dead of
winter.  So I can definitely understand the motivation behind someone who
had seen a poor cat outside with the frigid temps approaching.


Reportedly at the direction of Charles Zillinger, the UI's Director of
Landscape and Exterior Services and evil non-genius behind the initial
extermination plan, that lone shelter from the storm was destroyed earlier
this week.  Happy Holidays, eh?


Frankly, I cannot fathom the depraved degeneracy behind such an unspeakably
cruel command to destroy a lone little shelter during this bitter cold that
could well condemn a sentient creature to intentionally freeze to death, but
that's definitely not how I expect my tax dollars to be spent.  However, I
have to believe in karma either in the here & now or in hereafter.  If
Zillinger isn't held accountable for his unspeakable cruelty now, I have
Faith he'll spend eternity in the Fires of Hell, as well he should.  There
is simply no excuse for such intentional cruelty, and he ought to be
ashamed.  I suspect, however, that he lacks that particular capacity.


So, while we're safe, warm, and hopefully healthy this holiday season,
please remember the barbaric command of the King of the Killing Cabal
Zillinger.  There is a lot to be concerned about in the world, but that we
have such a monster intentionally inflicting unnecessary suffering right
here at the UI is a local horror story.


Scroll below my signature for the Facebook post
<https://www.facebook.com/ui4nokill/>  that tipped me off to this.




Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID


Compassion is the basis of all morality.

~ Arthur Schopenhuaer




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