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Debi Smith Debismith at moscow.com
Mon Dec 5 14:38:56 PST 2016

>From Alan Rose, a local writer/human rights activist/educator/fabulous 

Dear Friends/Acquaintances and family

I published a book this week that I hope will interest you. For $4.99 
you can have Alan’s view of American society.  A British cockney, French 
inspired, Idaho influenced perspective on the dialogue we view on the 
roads of the USA.

The book is a gathering of pictures of bumper stickers interlaced with 
commentary setting the pictures in the context of American culture and 
society. If enough people are interested, then perhaps I can persuade 
one of the big publishing houses that this book is marketable. If you 
are sympathetic, you could help by using it as a holiday gift idea for 
friends or familyJ

It is an electronic version available on Kindle and can be read on any 
tablet or computer (except the oldest versions of Kindle) by downloading 
the “Kindle Reader” free software. The book is in English with French 
translations of the bumper stickers.

To purchase go to:


Thanks for your consideration.

Amities ALAN

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