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At this often stressful time of the year, Louie and Luna want you to know that love conquers all on Caturday.

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These Inseparable Kittens Are The Christmas Cheer We All Need This Year

Santa has come early this year .

A cute holiday photo of two cats has gone viral due to the felines’ cute obsession with one another.

James Cochran and Lauren Sedner, a couple living in Ocala, Florida, decided to adopt two kittens five months ago when they were just 10 weeks old. They named the male, orange kitten Louie and the gray, female kitten Luna.

It soon became apparent to the couple that the two kittens were inseparable.

“They always sleep together, they’ve always eaten together, everything,” Cochran told The Huffington Post.

Sedner began taking photos of the close kitty friends and sending them to Cochran, who posted them on Twitter. The cats soon began to develop a following.

Then on Nov. 26, Cochran posted two pictures of the kittens, one of which catches the two looking like they’re kissing by the Christmas tree (no mistletoe required) with the caption: “Love is in the air.” The post quickly blew up, receiving over X and X.

People went crazy over the photos, like kitties with catnip.

One person made it their cell phone wallpaper.

And another tried to start a meme.

“This is their first Christmas and that was their first time seeing a Christmas tree, so we were preparing for the worst,” Cochran, who has had cats in the past who have ruined his Christmas trees, told HuffPost. “But we came out with this picture … and our tree is still mostly intact.”

As cute as his cats may be, Cochran doesn’t think that his pets and their adorable attachment are the sole reasons why the photos went viral when they did.

“I think it had a little bit to do with the wonderful mood lighting by our Christmas tree to help tie it in with the upcoming season,” he said. “I’m sure my witty caption had at least a little bit to do with it as well.”

We don’t think he’s kitten, either.


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