[Vision2020] Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Exceeds 2.5 Million

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 23:09:14 PST 2016

Four days ago, Clinton's national popular vote lead over Trump was close to
2.2 million.  Today it is over 2.5 million:

U.S. Total 65,250,267   62,686,000

Clinton's popular vote win is well over four times as great as Gore's
popular vote win in 2000, though around 26 million more votes were cast in

Bush v. Gore 2000:

Al Gore (Democrat)


George W. Bush (Republican)


Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett
The Cook Political Report apparently presents a credible updated national
popular vote total for Trump v. Clinton 2016.  Currently at this moment,
her lead is as follows:


Clinton 64,654,445  Trump 62,418,792

At the very least, emphasizing this popular vote divergence from the
electoral college Trump "win"  is very important to argue against a Trump
mandate to make sweeping changes that would be against the will of a
majority of the citizens of the US.

The calls for national unity behind Trump's agenda apparently are based on
dismissing the will of the majority.
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett
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