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Constitutional Candidate Carl Berglund

It is hard for the establishment GOP Republicans to accept a Constitutional Conservative candidate, but even they are taking another look at Carl Berglund.

Berglund is running for Idaho House Seat 5A, challenged by an establishment choice. The winner of the Primary will go up against the incumbent Democrat in November.

Berglund has a common-sense approach to government that is not typical in Boise. He believes in bottom-up government, and the power of the people.

Though Idaho is considered a “Red” state, as it has more registered Republicans than Democrats, District 5 is widely known as a Liberal pocket due to the University in Moscow.

Berglund’s challenger has ties to the University and the State Board of Education, and is supported by the progressive ‘moderate’ Republicans in the area.

Berglund is showing them that the silent, but conservative, majority in Latah and Benewah counties are stronger than once thought. They have a voice in Berglund, and he intends to take that voice to Boise.

We caught up with Carl recently at the Benewah County Spirit of 76 dinner for the Republican Liberty Caucus. Speaking to the full room, he let everyone get to know him and show them why he is the best choice for Seat 5A.

It would seem that the most concerning part of Berglund, for the establishment, is that he actually reads the bills coming out of Boise, and he questions his Representatives as to “Why?”

He didn’t get the answers he was expecting, or hoping for, so he decided to become engaged in the process. Not finding a candidate that he could get behind, he chose to challenge the incumbent himself.

The establishment is starting to pay attention, as they should. The complacency that career politicians have in Boise is being challenged all over the state, continuing right here in District 5.


Carl Berglund is running for Idaho State Representative of District 5, Seat A in opposition to incumbent Paulette Jordan.

Carl Berglund receives support from our local un-pastor Doug Wilson, as evidenced by a meet-and-greet conducted last November at Logos School

Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"There's room at the top they are telling you still.
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill,
If you want to be like the folks on the hill."

- John Lennon

> On Aug 10, 2016, at 7:45 PM, Kenneth Marcy <kmmos1 at frontier.com> wrote:
> From The Economist magazine, August 6th-12th 2016 pages 24-25
> The last big frontier
> http://tinyurl.com/ja49bvv 
> A movement of staunch conservatives and doomsday-watchers to the inland north-west is quietly gaining steam
> Aug 6th 2016 | BONNERS FERRY, COEUR D’ALENE AND SANDPOINT, IDAHO | From the print edition
> ASKED by an out-of-stater where the nearest shooting range is, Patrick Leavitt, an affable gunsmith at Riverman Gun Works in Coeur d’Alene, says: “This is Idaho—you can shoot pretty much anywhere away from buildings.” That is one reason why the sparsely populated state is attracting a growing number of “political refugees” keen to slip free from bureaucrats in America’s liberal states, says James Wesley, Rawles (yes, with a comma), an author of bestselling survivalist novels. In a widely read manifesto posted in 2011 on his survivalblog.com, Mr Rawles, a former army intelligence officer, urged libertarian-leaning Christians and Jews to move to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and a strip of eastern Oregon and Washington states, a haven he called the “American Redoubt”.
> Thousands of families have answered the call, moving to what Mr Rawles calls America’s last big frontier and most easily defendable terrain. Were hordes of thirsty, hungry, panicked Americans to stream out of cities after, say, the collapse of the national grid, few looters would reach the mostly mountainous, forested and, in winter, bitterly cold Redoubt. Big cities are too far away. But the movement is driven by more than doomsday “redoubters”, eager to homestead on land with lots of water, fish, and big game nearby. The idea is also to bring in enough strongly conservative voters to keep out the regulatory creep smothering liberty in places like California, a state many redoubters disdainfully refer to as “the C-word”.
> Estimates of the numbers moving into the Redoubt are sketchy, partly because many seek a low profile. Mr Rawles himself will not reveal which state he chose, not wanting to be overrun when “everything hits the fan”. But Chris Walsh of Revolutionary Realty says growing demand has turned into such a “massive upwelling” that he now sells about 140 properties a year in the north-western part of the Redoubt, its heart. To manage, Mr Walsh, a pilot, keeps several vehicles at landing strips to which he flies clients from his base near Coeur d’Alene.
> Many seek properties served not with municipal water but with a well or stream, ideally both, just in case. More than nine out of every ten Revolutionary Realty clients either buy a home off the grid or plan to sever the connection and instead use firewood, propane and solar panels, often storing the photovoltaic power in big forklift batteries bought second-hand. They also plan to educate their children at home. The remoter land preferred by lots of “off-the-gridders” is often cheap. Revolutionary Realty sells sizeable plots for as little as $30,000. After that, settlers can mostly build as they please.
> Lance Etche, a Floridian, recently moved his family into the Redoubt after the writings of Mr Rawles stirred in him “the old mountain-man independence spirit—take care of yourself and don’t complain.” He chose a plot near Canada outside Bonners Ferry, Idaho, cleared an area with a view, put down gravel, “and they dropped the thing [a so-called “skid house”, transported by lorry] right on top of it”, he says—no permit required.
> Some newcomers are Democrats keen to get back to nature, grow organic food or, in Oregon and Washington, benefit from permissive marijuana laws. Not all conservatives dislike this as much as Bonny Dolly, a Bonners Ferry woman in her 60s who says: “We don’t want liberals, that’s for sure,” and carries a .45-calibre handgun “because they don’t make a .46”. But lefties who move in and hope to finance tighter regulations with higher taxes often get the cold shoulder. Mr Walsh weeds out lefties from the start, politely declining to show them property, noting that they wouldn’t fit in anyway. This discrimination is legal, he says, because political factions, unlike race or sexual orientation, are not legally protected classes.
> A red dawn
> Todd Savage, who runs Survival Retreat Consulting in Sandpoint, Idaho, works with the more usual sort of client: political migrants who rail against “morally corrupt” nanny government elsewhere. He does a brisk business helping them set up their food-producing fortress-homesteads. Staff train clients in defensive landscaping, how to repel an assault on their property with firearms, and the erection of structures “hardened” to withstand forced entry and chemical, biological, radiological or explosive attack.
> Very few redoubters, however, wish to secede from the United States. The Confederacy’s attempt fared badly, notes Mr Rawles. He did, however, exclude the politically conservative but mostly flat Dakotas from the Redoubt because mechanised units could manoeuvre easily there. The same went for swathes of Utah, a state also left out because it has little water.
> MORE of the story at the link: http://tinyurl.com/ja49bvv 
> Ken
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