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Food for thought, Ron -- thanks.


Also food for thought is the consequences of more people tossing glass in the trash?  My understanding is that costs would increase because that would increase the number of truckloads of trash that have to be transported to Oregon.  Here’s something Andy Boyd posted about a year ago:


By continuing to bring glass to one of the drop off sites, we save sending 25-30, 53 foot truckloads to Oregon where are trash is landfilled; this saves the city and its residents a significant amount of money; our glass is reused at the transfer station for road and pad base material, it is not landfilled locally.


About 21 tons of glass was dropped off at the old Gilbert Auto bin in the year the container was placed there after glass quit being picked up with curbside recycling, which reportedly accounts for about 6% of all the glass collected by Moscow Recycling.  Six percent of all the glass collected might not sound like much, but shifting the burden to citizens of further transporting 21 tons doesn’t sound reasonable to me, at least without a reduction in what we pay.  In addition to Tricia Nelson who posted that she also used the bin, I heard from several other Visionaries who also used the bin and also weren’t aware that it had been removed – none of us are happy at the lack of notice.  When eliminating a service, it seems to me the City would be wise to make a reasonable effort to let people know – I really don’t think that’s asking a whole lot.


Does anyone know how much it would cost if the trash we have to truck to the Oregon landfill increases by even “just” two 53-foot truckloads/year?  Hopefully, most or all of us who relied on that bin will be able to make other arrangements, but if not?  What will that cost we-the-taxpayers?


I’d also be interested in seeing the weight of trash collected in the year before glass was eliminated from curbside recycling and in the year since.  Does anyone know where I can find that information?







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The recyclables are also baled and trucked out of the area for processing. I don't know where in California you're talking about, but recycling is very sensitive to the distance from potential markets. That's why it doesn't pay for Moscow to recycle glass--heavy, and the price is too low to justify transporting it to where it might be used. Remoteness from economic centers is one of the downsides to living in a rural area.

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Wow – we made our regular trip to the glass recycling bin on the east side of town (old Gilbert Auto parking lot) this morning only to find it gone . . . with no notice!  Since the move to single-stream curbside recycling has excluded glass, we’ve been helping out a few friends who lack transportation and/or the physical strength/agility to haul heavy glass by taking their glass when we take ours.  This is a practice I’m not sure we’ll be able to continue with the elimination of the convenient location of that bin  :(


Supposedly, the glass recycling bin was removed due to a lack of use, although I’m not sure I find that explanation reasonable – it was unusual when we went that no one else was coming or going, and comments from nearby businesses also indicate it was frequently used in spite of the user unfriendly design of that particular bin.


This was extraordinarily bad timing because we just received our City bill yesterday, and I’ve long noticed that our rates are significantly higher than a family member’s who lives in expensive California.  They have bi-weekly single-stream curbside recycling, too, but they haven’t excluded glass and they accept more curbside recyclables than we are allowed here.


I recall reading “something” a month or two after we moved to single-stream recycling that the transition was extraordinarily successful – I believe the amount of recyclables picked up doubled.  It makes me really happy that the inclusion of apartment complexes has been so successful!


With that enormous improvement in recycling rates, that should mean less is going into the landfill and/or less waste that needs to be trucked out of the area, although I don’t recall seeing anything statistics about that.


However, with the decreases in service since the move to single-stream recycling as well as the laudable success of shifting recyclables out of the landfill, I’d like to know when we can expect to see a decrease in our garbage rates.




Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID



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