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A cat found living in a couch that was sent to a thrift store has now been reunited with her human. She now prefers to snooze on top of the ottoman on Caturday.

Courtesy of KUTV News (Salt Lake City, Utah) at:


Thrift store finds cat living in couch
(KUTV) A Carbon County woman was really glad her friend convinced her to donate her couch to the local thrift store instead of taking it to the dump, because her cat was hiding inside.

By the time the friends got home, they checked their Facebook feed and found an employee from the Deseret Industries in Price had already posted a picture of the donated couch and a cat sitting on top with this message:


Someone dropped a couch off at the DI and it had a cat in it," read the Facebook post on a private online yard sale page. "If anyone knows who (he) belongs to please come back.
Brittnie Arroyo was helping her friend Rachel Barbee move on Saturday and all day long they had been donating boxes of items to the D.I. When it came to getting rid of her worn couch, Barbee figured she should just take it to the dump because no one would want it.

"I was like just take it to the D.I., you never know." Arroyo told 2News. "She would have never seen her cat again if she would have taken it to the dump."

Arroyo said they packed up the couch in the truck and had it sitting there for about 25 minutes before they took it to the thrift store. They didn't hear a "meow" or anything from the male cat known as Tiny One.

Barbee and Arroyo hadn't even been home long enough to realize the cat was missing. When they were eating they saw a post on Facebook that someone had shared as a funny online yard sale posting. Arroyo laughed and thought it was funny that someone donated a cat and a couch at the D.I., then she recognized who the cat was.

"I was like, 'oh, my gosh, that's your cat -- you have got to call.'" Arroyo said. "Rachel, you're cat is at the D.I."

Barbee yelled in amazement, "My baby!"





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