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Courtesy of today's (April 20, 2016) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Letter: Didn't check facts
I was astonished at your front page article last Friday ("Survivors"). My purpose here is not interact with Natalie Greenfield's account as reported by that article, but rather to marvel at the slipshod reporting procedures employed by the Daily News.
There were numerous factual claims made in that article, and those factual claims were attached to names. I wonder - how many of the claims were erroneous? Because you didn't bother to check, you have no idea. Your masthead says that you are "committed to ethical and accurate coverage of the news." How committed? Was a phone call going to be too much of a strain? Given the nature of an article like that, why would you run it without the reporter doing some rudimentary fact-checking?
If you named our church, as you did, and if you reported certain claims about us as fact, as you did, you had an ethical and professional obligation to check to see if there were another side to the story. This is what you failed to do.
I see that your circulation is now down to 5,100. Keep up the diligent work and I think you can get it into the 4,000s by July.
Douglas Wilson, Moscow

Here we have more smoke and mirrors presented by Doug Wilson, a juvenile attempt at defending the indefensible.

FYI, Dougie . . . Ms. Greenfield was the victim of a crime (statutory rape). Her claims are substantiated by the facts as recorded and maintained by the Latah County Courthouse:


Dougie's track record, on the other hand, lacks honesty. If interested, evidence of his insincerity may be browsed at:


Relating to Dougie's innuendos, as a paraphrased version of an old saying goes . . ."If it looks like defecation and smells like defecation, just be glad you didn't step in it."
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Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" 
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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