[Vision2020] Nightmare on Elm Street

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Thu Apr 7 16:12:15 PDT 2016

On 4/6/2016 5:13 PM, lfalen wrote:
> Hillary  is indited, Bernie gets the democratic nomination and Trump the GOP one. Can't thank of any two worse candidates.

Of course we can be thankful for the opportunity to choose decades of 
elective experience in public service over an inexperienced, 
never-elected political novice.

We can be grateful to choose someone with a stable personality 
well-grounded in the history of American fiscal and foreign policy as 
well as the details of legislative accomplishment over someone so 
unaware of and unfamiliar with so basic an American policy over the last 
seven decades as control of nuclear materials away from potential 
theaters of military conflict.  Trump suggesting that more countries 
should have nuclear weapons capability is foreign policy insanity, and 
it is no wonder that many countries are looking at the 2016 American 
presidential election cycle and wondering what diabolical chaos has 
infected the American electorate.

Bernie Sanders' social programs assume the continuing success of the 
capitalist American economy to generate sufficient products and profits 
to provide a better standard of living for a greater proportion of 
Americans.  Choosing greater tax equity and less unproductive 
expenditures will allow Sanders' proposals to proceed to success for 
more people than the current trajectory of public policies.

Harnessing capitalism's natural tendencies to reorganize around flexible 
and changing profit centers as markets evolve toward newer economic 
realities will provide plentiful profits and better satisfy a wider 
diversity of people's needs for health care, education, and returning 
employment opportunities.  There likely will be a larger number of 
somewhat smaller firms providing more specialized services.

For example, more banks, each capitalized to lower and safer levels with 
greater separation between basic banking and investment banking, could 
reinvigorate that portion of the financial services market.  
Additionally, specialized insurance companies providing supplemental 
coverages to complement coverages from an expanded single-payer federal 
health care program could well represent a reorganized and more 
efficient and productive health insurance industry.  Consumers will 
likely spend money saved in one area in another area, thus keeping the 
velocity of money high.  Investors who recover money from one venture 
may reinvest it in others, so there will be plenty of opportunities to 
make plenty of money during a Sanders presidency, but those 
opportunities will occur within an environment of greater fiscal justice 
and more social responsibility.

We can be thankful that our more highly interconnected social media 
environment is encouraging more people, especially younger people who 
grew up concurrently with the maturing of digital social interactions, 
to investigate, to understand, and to improve the consciously 
constipated corporate systems that funnel money upward to those who do 
not need it rather than to those whose personal productivity would be 
greatly enhanced by implementation of a variety of basic human services 
available elsewhere in the industrially developed world.

The bottom line is that we, collectively, can do better for ourselves if 
we will have the courage to select, elect, and support the 
administration of rational change agents.


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