[Vision2020] Holistic Approaches to Recovery

Darrell Keim keim153 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 13:47:18 PDT 2016

For Immediate Release:

Dr. John Fudens, HMC will be discussing holistic approaches to recovery
from addiction and mental health issues.  "As a homeopathic master
clinician, I am concerned with all aspects of the being who is sick. The
physical, mental, emotional, and psychological levels are all important.
All aspects of the life are examined, from birth to adulthood, their track
through life, including family background, schooling, health of parents,
surgeries, drugs, injuries, etc."  Fudens is trained to work holistically
with both animals and humans. He will be speaking on 4/12/16, from
6:30-8pm.  The Latah Recovery Center is located at 531 S Main, in Moscow.
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