[Vision2020] Sunday's Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse

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Sat Sep 26 12:59:28 PDT 2015

Assuming the weather cooperates and for those interested:

Watch Sunday's Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse - or Wait Until 2033
by Devin Coldewey

"Skywatchers will have something to howl about on Sunday: a total Supermoon
eclipse. Not only is this the best and last opportunity of the year for
Americans to witness any kind of eclipse, but this particular phenomenon is
extremely rare, happening perhaps five times a century. The last Supermoon
eclipse was in 1982, and there won't be another until 2033.

Beginning at 8:11 p.m. Eastern (5:11 p.m. Pacific), the moon - currently
full and at the closest point in its orbit, making it an extra-large,
extra-bright "supermoon" - will enter the shadow of the Earth, darkening it
until only light refracted around the planet falls on its surface. The
redness of this light gives the moon a rusty color, resulting in the
nickname of this type of eclipse: a "blood moon."


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