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*America’s Most and Least Educated States: A Survey of All 50*

By Thomas C. Frohlich <http://247wallst.com/author/thomas-c-frohlich/>, 
Michael B. Sauter <http://247wallst.com/author/michael-sauter/>, Evan 
Comen <http://247wallst.com/author/247evan/> and Sam Stebbins 
September 23, 2015 12:07 pm EDT

*http://tinyurl.com/pyde7b2 *


*> Pct. of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree:* 25.0%
*> Pct. of adults with at least a high school diploma:* 90.1%
*> 2014 median household income:* $47,861 (14th lowest)
*> Median earnings for bachelor degree holders:* $41,423 (14th lowest)

Just as high income levels are associated with better educated 
populations, low education levels are linked with relatively low 
incomes. In Idaho, where only one in four adults had at least a 
bachelor’s degree, a typical household earned just $47,861, one of the 
lower median incomes nationwide. Idaho was one of only two states where 
the percentage of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree decreased 
from 2013 to 2014. Low educational attainment across the state could be 
due to the state’s relatively low public education spending. Idaho spent 
just under $6,800 per student in 2013, less than every other state 
except for Utah.

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