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Thank you for putting this here, Rosemary. I'm glad you like it, and hope that all do too.

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  Thank you, Warren



  by Philip Levine

  You are asked to stand and bow your head,
  consider the harm you've caused,
  the respect you've withheld,
  the anger misspent, the fear spread,
  the earnestness displayed
  in the service of prestige and sensibility,
  all the callous, cruel, stubborn, joyless sins
  in your alphabet of woe
  so that you might be forgiven.
  You are asked to believe in the spark
  of your divinity, in the purity
  of the words of your mouth
  and the memories of your heart.
  You are asked for this one day and one night
  to starve your body so your soul can feast
  on faith and adoration.
  You are asked to forgive the past
  and remember the dead, to gaze
  across the desert in your heart
  toward Jerusalem. To separate
  the sacred from the profane
  and be as numerous as the sands
  and the stars of heaven.
  To believe that no matter what
  you have done to yourself and others
  morning will come and the mountain
  of night will fade. To believe,
  for these few precious moments,
  in the utter sweetness of your life.
  You are asked to bow your head
  and remain standing,
  and say Amen.


  Rose Huskey


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