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Sat Sep 19 12:38:24 PDT 2015

I thought it was to be underway by now. Here's why it's not, from the CC's

Single Stream Recycling Roll Cart Mitigation - Tim Davis The City of
Moscow, in partnership with solid waste franchisee Latah Sanitation, Inc.
(LSI) is in the process of implementing the new single stream curbside
recycling program. During this process, recycling roll carts were ordered
and received in early August but did not meet the color specified by the
City. The color was too similar in color to the roll carts currently being
used for solid waste collection, thus the City rejected the roll carts and
requested LSI reorder the correct colored roll carts that the City had
originally specified. LSI has already been required to pay for the initial
roll cart order. The City’s rejection of these roll carts has resulted in a
serious financial burden to LSI. For this reason, staff is proposing that
the City participate in the cost mitigation in the amount of $123,750 to be
paid in a lump sum payment following, new order verification by the City
and order placement by LSI. LSI has agreed to exercise best efforts to sell
or re-use the wrong-color roll carts and 70% of any cost recovery gained
from such resale or value to LSI from such re-use will be paid to the City
of Moscow up to the level of the City’s participation. Staff is also
proposing that the current Solid Waste Franchise Agreement be extended from
its current expiration date of September 30, 2023 to September 30, 2035

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA
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