[Vision2020] Accident Tonight on Hwy. 8 by Palouse Mall

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 21:06:45 PDT 2015

Just in case anyone wonders, there was an accident just in the past few
hours tonight in the west bound lanes on Hwy. 8 at one of the turn-ins to
the mall parking lot.  When I arrived, the motorcycle obviously hit in this
accident, by what looked like an older jeep or SUV styled vehicle, was
smashed and down on the highway facing east.  The person who had been
driving the motorcycle was already gone by ambulance.  Two people, I assume
those who had been in the jeep or SUV, were sitting on the curb by their
vehicle.  Their vehicle remained partly out on the highway.  Police were
obviously conducting an investigation into the causes of this accident.

I was riding bicycle at the time, so it was easy to ride up very close to
this accident scene, though motor vehicle access to the accident area was
blocked by police.

I hope the person on the motorcycle is not too badly injured... Yikes!

This encouraged me to be extra vigilant around motorized vehicles, which of
course everyone always should be, but it's easy to become too casual about
it all...

KLEW news from Lewiston tonight had coverage of a fatal motor vehicle crash
in the Lewiston/Clarkson valley, where it was alleged alcohol was
involved.  They showed a court session where a relative of the person
fatality injured was outraged that the driver of the vehicle that caused
this fatality was offered a bond amount for possible release from
jail. They thought there should be no bond offered at all!
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