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*The Least & Most Healthy City in Every State**
*Least: http://tinyurl.com/psv7499 *
12. Lewiston, Idaho
 > Pct. without health insurance:* 10.3%
*> Pct. food insecure:* 4.1%
*> Obesity rate:* 32.3%
*> 2014 unemployment rate:* 4.6%

Despite relatively healthy habits, and a low share of adults reporting 
fair to poor health, the Lewiston metro area had a high incidence of 
premature death and is Idaho’s least healthy metro. Just over one in 10 
area residents did not have health insurance, a better coverage rate 
than across the state and the nation. Also, less than 15% of Lewiston’s 
population participate in physical activity in their spare time, versus 
the state and national shares of 19.5% and 27.0%, respectively. Yet, and 
estimated 8,594 years are lost per 100,000 area residents annually due 
to premature death, well above both the state and national estimates of 
6,046, and 6,622, respectively.

*Most: **http://tinyurl.com/pax42dr

*12. Boise City, Idaho
 > Pct. without health insurance:* 14.4%
*> Pct. food insecure:* 5.7%
*> Obesity rate:* 27.2%
*> 2014 unemployment rate:* 4.6%

Boise City ranks as the healthiest metro area in Idaho due to a range of 
strong health indicators, chief among them healthy behaviors. Healthy 
behavior is essential to healthy outcomes. In Boise City, 18.0% of 
residents did not participate in physical activity during their leisure 
time in the month preceding the survey. This was slightly lower than the 
statewide proportion of 19.5%, and a significantly lower proportion than 
the corresponding nationwide figure of 27.0%. Physical activity normally 
contributes to lower than average obesity rates. The obesity rate among 
adults in Boise City, however, was 27.2%, roughly in line with the state 
rate but slightly lower than the national rate of 28.3%. Residents also 
have the benefit of especially well-managed municipal infrastructure. 
For example, an extremely low 1.3% of the area’s population was exposed 
to low quality water, versus 6.5% of state residents and 7.0% of Americans.

There is more of the least story at the link: *http://tinyurl.com/psv7499 *

There is more of the most story at the link: *http://tinyurl.com/pax42dr *


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