[Vision2020] Object thrown into Pullman Planned Parenthood during arson

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Courtesy of today's (September 10, 2015) Spokesman-Review.


Object thrown into Pullman Planned Parenthood during arson
Investigators in Pullman recovered surveillance video showing a flammable object being thrown through the window of a Planned Parenthood health center, but still have no suspects in the Friday arson.

Pullman police spokesman Cmdr. Chris Tennant said video shows the inside of the building as a flammable object was thrown through the window. He declined to describe the object.

“This was not a natural thing. This was definitely human-caused, and they used some type of accelerant,” Tennant said.

The fire was set early Friday and caused major damage to the interior, forcing the health center to close. Tennant said the building has been ruled uninhabitable and there are structural concerns because the fire reached upper rafters.

A federal terrorism task force is investigating along with Pullman police and fire investigators.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement Saturday that his office was reaching out to federal and local law enforcement to offer assistance.

“This act of violence has no place in a free society. I urge everyone to join me in condemning this cowardly, reckless and criminal act of intimidation and public endangerment,” he said in the statement.

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Tanya Riordan said the extensive damage will keep the center closed longer than anticipated. The organization hopes to have a temporary location identified by the end of the week.

Planned Parenthood staff will be in the parking lot of the Pullman center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today to schedule appointments, answer patient questions, hand out condoms and dispense birth control, Riordan said. Planned Parenthood is also taking donations to rebuild the center at bit.ly/PullmanPP.


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