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*8 States Running Out of Water*

While drought conditions have improved in many regions of the United 
States, higher than average summer temperatures and patchy rainfall over 
the summer has contributed to one of the worst wildfire seasons on 
record. There are currently at least 60 large fires burning across the 
country. So far this year, more than 8 million acres have been destroyed 
by fire, a level of devastation seen in only six other years since 1960.

It is the fourth consecutive year of drought for most of the western 
United States. The dry summer has raised particular concern about 
California, where 46% of land area is in a state of exceptional drought 
conditions — the worst level of drought — up slightly from the already 
especially bad drought level in the spring. This was the highest such 
share nationwide and the kind of water shortage that happens only once a 

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*5. Idaho
 > Pct. Severe drought * 18.8%
*> Pct. extreme drought:* 29.3%
*> Pct. exceptional drought:* 0.0%

Nearly 50% of Idaho is currently in a state of either severe or extreme 
drought conditions. The worst of the drought stretches along Idaho’s 
western border and encompasses the entire northern tip of the state, 
from the top of Idaho County through Boundary County. Nearly 1.5 million 
state residents are affected by the drought. Droughts create dry 
conditions that increase the likelihood of wildfires. Currently, there 
are wildfires burning in west-central and northern Idaho that have lead 
to the evacuation of residents and the deployment of over 1,000 
firefighters. The drought in Idaho is a part of a much larger national 
pattern that encompasses much of the western United States. Idaho has 
experienced severe drought conditions every year since 2012. The state’s 
Department of Agriculture reinitiated the Idaho Rangeland Drought Task 
Group last year to help drought-affected farmers take advantage of 
assistance provided by federal and state agencies.


8. South Carolina  7. Utah  6. Montana  5. Idaho  4. Nevada  3. 
California  2. Washington  1. Oregon


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