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Sat Sep 5 18:24:21 PDT 2015

Dear Lewiston Tribune editor, 

I am appalled that you allow one of your "journalists" to write and it be approved by you, the editor, to promote illegal and deadly acts by students in your 360 paper. 

First of all, we have contacted the Moscow Police Dept, Alcohol Beverage Control, The Attorney General and of course, you. Since you did not return our call, we will ask for a second time that you explain why this article was allowed. 

Poor college student? 17 ways to save money 

Posted By: Jennifer K Bauer 
Posted date: September 02, 2015 

11. Going out on the town? A flask will prevent a hefty bar tab. 

Are you aware that this is illegal? I own a bar. Need I say more? You are promoting your customers to violate 2 liquor laws. 
1) Open Container. 
2) Bringing liquor into a liquor establishment is against the law. You are also jeopardizing the livelihood of the bar and promoting excessive drinking. 

15. Dumpster dive. If you’re brave enough it will be quite the adventure. 

There are numerous "dumpsters" around Moscow that have automatic trash compactors that squish the trash IN THE CONTAINER when it becomes full. The trash compactor cannot differentiate between trash and a human being. 

This article is disrespectful to poor college students! 

Phil Roderick 

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