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Caring Fields Felines has its share of "crazy cat ladies" but is so very fortunate to have many dedicated "cat men" volunteers. They are awesome, not crazy. They are invaluable in maintaining the beautiful five acres of the sanctuary for Caturdays

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Awesome Cat Men of Caring Fields Felines
PALM CITY — Caring Fields Felines has its share of "crazy cat ladies" but CFF is so very fortunate to have many dedicated "cat men" volunteers! 

They are awesome, not crazy! These fellows are invaluable in maintaining the beautiful five acres the CFF sanctuary is located on in Palm City Farms, along with keeping all the cat cottages in tip top shape and a myriad of other crucial chores. 

Randy Glover, retired FDA inspector, is the primary grounds keeper and Frank Filo, retired firefighter, is the weekend grounds keeper. 

Dr. Jim Strine, retired physician, feeds and cleans on Thursdays. 

Ron Outwater, retired FAA employee & teacher, is one of Monday's feeder cleaners. 

Tom Felt, a teacher, feeds and cleans on Sundays. 

Connor Wilds volunteers on maintenance of grounds and Dave Oliver is the sprinkler system guru. 

Jack Briggs, an electrician, has installed and maintains all things electrical. Richard Barry and David Eastman volunteer wherever needed.

When CFF has special events, such as Merry Meows, our fabulous holiday event at the Sanctuary on Dec. 6, many other " cat men" will sign up to lend a hand. 

Grounds maintenance at the cat sanctuary is not the usual "mow and blow."

The 150-plus cats are in large fenced enclosures with seven cat cottages. There is also a 3,000-square-foot cattery on the property and the Care Center. 

And of course, ground maintenance inside the fenced enclosures requires careful consideration of the residents! 

All work done at the sanctuary is with the health and welfare of our very important residents in mind, so the "cat men" are also entertainment and of course, playing and petting of kitties is a major part of all job descriptions at the sanctuary. 

All of the cat cottages have power and running water, and some of the older cottages require more upkeep than the newer cottages. 

Painting and wood rot replacement; construction of smaller hidy-holes dispersed over the grounds for those kitties that "want to be alone."

There is always a list of work to be done, along with feeding and cleaning seven days a week. It's a lot of work to keep the sanctuary clean and beautiful, but it's worth it when you drive in and see how lovely the property is. 

Thank you to the Cat Men of CFF! 


Randy Grover, Ron Outwater, and Davey



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