[Vision2020] Local electricity off and on

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Thu Sep 3 08:02:20 PDT 2015

What's the cause of this behavior?

Several times during the last few days the local electricity has blinked 
off and then back on again, staying off long enough to turn off 
computers, cause the microwave oven to indicate PF (power failure), and 
re-set electric clocks to 12:00 AM.  Some countermeasures are in place 
or possible, including 9-volt backup batteries in clocks and UPSs 
(uninterruptible power supplies) into which the computers are plugged.

Aside from the annoyance at resetting devices, and the potential danger 
of lost or scrambled computer data, there may well be more serious and 
costly effects at other locations.  So, why is electricity delivery more 
irregular recently?


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