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Catnapping kitten gets trapped in the dashboard and has to be saved by the fire brigade in time for Caturday.   Difficulty: The car was a Peugeot.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail (London, England) at:


Making a dash for it! Cat found napping inside a car tries to escape through a hole in the dashboard and then gets trapped in the engine

A terrified stray kitten who had made it inside a car ended up getting stuck behind the dashboard as it tried to escape and had to be saved by an entire fire brigade. 
The kitten had somehow got in to the car as it was parked outside the owner's house in Konigstetten, north-east Austria.
When the woman driver opened the door she found the tiny kitten sleeping on the car seat, but it got scared when she tried to pick it up.
The terrified cat tried to escape her through a hole in the dashboard, and ended up getting stuck behind it. 
The unnamed woman called in the local fire brigade who had to dismantle the dashboard in order to free the kitten. 
The woman said she had no idea how the kitten had got inside her car, which had been parked outside her house in the Austrian municipality.
It took the firemen an hour to remove enough of the dashboard to reach the kitten and set it free.
The tiny feline was then taken to a veterinarian but as the animal was not chipped, it was not possible to find its owner.
In the end, the kitten was handed back to the driver, who has since decided to adopt it and look after it if the owner cannot be found.


The kitten had managed to get inside the car without the owner noticing, but when she tried to catch it, it climbed in behind the dashboard through a hole - and got stuck.


The kitten climbed in behind the dashboard through this tiny hole, so only its tail could be seen.


Heroes: The kitten and its saviours after it was rescued from inside the car in Konigstetten, north-east Austria.



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