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Arty is not a scaredy-cat as he loves to spend his Caturday sledding down a hill.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail (London, England) at:



He's not a scaredy cat! Arty the feline goes SLEDDING down a hill

- Black and white cat Arty waits at top of snow-capped hill while on a sled

- Owner gives cat a push and he sets off sledding at speed to the bottom

- Cat seems to enjoy sensation and lifts head as sled reaches dip in s

Most cats shy away from cold and wet weather but this feline is unlike any other - he rather bizarrely enjoys sledding.
This humorous clip shows black and white cat Arty, from Parker, Colorado, riding down a small snow-capped hill while sitting on a small sled.
It is unclear how the cat first got his appetite for the winter sport but it seems that he enjoys the thrill - given that he doesn't attempt to jump off that is.
The short clip shows the cat preparing for take-off before receiving a little push in the right direction, courtesy of his owner.
Meanwhile a dog can be seen wandering towards the video maker, in clear anticipation of his turn.
As the sled starts moving down the snowy hill, the cat leans forward and braces himself against the increased wind.
He then lifts his head as the sled reaches a dip in the slope, and ploughs down the hill along the makeshift track cut into the snow.
The video concludes with the owner cheering as the sled comes to a safe stop at the bottom.
The clip was posted to Facebook by Dixie Chubb, who wrote: 'In case you've never seen a cat sledding before... I'll just leave this here.'
Dixie also wrote that the cat does not wait to be retrieved and walks up the hill by himself once he has finished sledding. 




Photos . . .

Preparing for take-off: The cat receives a little push in the right direction, courtesy of his owner

Need for speed: The cat lifts his head as the sled reaches a dip in the slope, and ploughs to the bottom



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