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I think it would be particularly appropriate for Moscow and Latah County to
become a place of refuge given the government's dishonest and jack-booted
persecution of Muslim men we witnessed right here following 9/11, which
makes Governor Otter's recent vitriol all the more disappointing - for those
who don't remember, then-Representative Otter was rightly against the
Patriot Act, which certainly helped him in his subsequent gubernatorial
campaign and election.


IIRC, Mr. al-Kidd's - a US-born citizen -- case against the federal
government was finally settled earlier this year, well over a decade after
he was unjustly detained in horrible conditions - that was not a shining
time for the DOJ or FBI, to put it mildly.


Becoming a welcoming and accepting sanctuary for Syrian refugees would be a
very meaningful way to say that We Remember what happened here.  The kind of
persecution that happened to Muslim men - including US citizens like Mr.
al-Kidd - during those Dark Years has given extremists like ISIL,  Boko
Haram, al-Nusra, and other radical groups plenty of recruiting propaganda


For those who didn't live here back then or don't remember the details,
here's a link to a Human Rights Watch piece that may be a helpful refresher:




Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID


To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men.

~ Abraham Lincoln




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This morning I sent the letter below to city council members and Latah
County Commissioners.  If you share my concern please contact members of the
Council and Board of Commissioners to offer to help.  Recent comments on
V2020 and from various political groups across Idaho and the country need to
be counter with human decency and compassion.  '

Thank you.

Rose Huskey




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Good Morning Mayor Lambert, City Council Members Art Bettge, Jon Boland, Dan
Carscallen, Wayne Krauss, Walter Steed, John Weber, Council woman elect
Kathryn Bonzo and 
 Latah County Commissioners Richard Walser, Tom Lamar, and Dave McGraw,


We have all watched with concern the horrendous plight of Syrian refugees
trying to escape their war torn country.  As winter approaches their living
conditions become immeasurably worse.  While we enjoy relatively comfortable
lives in northern Idaho distraught Syrian parents are gathering what goods
they can carry and with their children begin a journey that only desperation
could persuade them to attempt it.  Who among us would risk the lives of our
family members in an overcrowded rubber dingy on Spring Valley Reservoir for
six or eight hours in a wind storm, let alone days on a turbulent ocean? I
don't believe any of us would begin a journey on foot in the cold and rain
to walk to Boise with a three year old and an infant in arms.  If somehow we
survived the long and miserable trek, how would we cope with the sickening
knowledge that when we arrived few Boise residents would welcome us or our
babies? Thousands of people are struggling to survive a much longer and far
more perilous journey this very day on courage and hope alone. How can we
turn our backs on them?

I propose that the City of Moscow and Latah County declare this county and
town a sanctuary for Syrian refugees.  Can we invite at least ten families
(more would be better) to share our homes, to live with peace and security
while they begin a new life with our support and encouragement?  


I acknowledge there are many challenges in choosing this path. But, we are
fortunate in having resources that few small communities enjoy.  Moscow is a
university town with a student body rich in cultural diversity.  Members of
the Muslim student organization at the University of Idaho and the local
Islamic Center might be willing to assist in acclimating recent Syrian
arrivals to Northern Idaho.  The same students or community members may be
willing to educate us in culture and language so that that we would be
prepared to respectfully help our guests in their transition.  Many of our
public school teachers have experience in teaching international students.


Other cities in Idaho, notably Boise and Twin Falls, are developing programs
that will welcome Syrian refugees.  I ask you, as elected leaders of the
city and county to appoint (or select volunteer) citizens of Latah county
and members of city and county government to form an exploratory committee
and  learn what Moscow needs to do to prepare to host Syrian families. Could
you report back to community and county residents in early January so that
we can support and bring to fruition this much needed program?



Rose Huskey
1738 Genesee Troy Road
Moscow, Idaho 83843
rosejhuskey at gmail.com <mailto:rosejhuskey at gmail.com> 


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