[Vision2020] Surviving the Holidays at the Latah Recovery Center

Darrell Keim keim153 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 13:01:48 PST 2015

Michele Lynch, LCPC & Virginia Spackman, LPC From Scott Community Care, LLC

Surviving the Holidays

A brief educational group designed to help participants cope with the
holidays and

all the chaos that surrounds this time of year. There will be five sessions
to include:

Dec. 1: Coping with Family Drama

Dec. 8: Holiday Feasts & Family Misbehavior

Dec. 15: Coping with Holiday Stress-Tips

Dec. 22: Not in the Holiday Mood? It Might Be the Blues.
Dec. 29: Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

at the Latah Recovery Center, Tuesdays during December at 1pm.
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