[Vision2020] Pianist Plays ‘Imagine’ Outside Besieged Paris Concert Venue

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Pianist Plays ‘Imagine’ Outside Besieged Paris Concert Venue
A man brought his piano to the Bataclan to play the John Lennon song after Friday's terrorist attacks

A man brought his piano to the Paris concert venue where authorities say more than 100 people were killed on Friday to play John Lennon’s world-peace anthem “Imagine.”

At least 127 people are dead in the wake of six known coordinated attacks on the French capital. In one of those attacks, gunmen took hostages and opened fire on a crowd at the Bataclan concert hall.

“He pulled his piano with a bike up to rue Richard Lenoir ten meters from the Bataclan,” according to one YouTube video‘s description.

A journalist reporting on camera for CNN described the scene in the middle of a broadcast near the venue. “There’s a grand piano that was just rolled out in the middle of the crowd and in the middle of this group of journalists,” she said, “and someone [is] playing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon quite loudly.”





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