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*The Drunkest City in Each State**
Excessive drinking cost the United States $250 billion in 2010, 
according to a 2015 study from the Centers for Disease Control and 
Prevention (CDC). The study estimated lost productivity and added health 
care costs associated with alcohol consumption. States report different 
drinking habits, as do metropolitan areas within each state.

Binge drinking is defined by the CDC as consuming four or more drinks 
for women and five or more drinks for men during a single sitting. The 
organization defines heavy drinking as around 15 or more drinks consumed 
by men per week, and typically eight or more drinks for women. 24/7 Wall 
St. reviewed the metropolitan areas (MSA) reporting the highest levels 
of binge and heavy drinking in each state. El Paso leads Texas and the 
nation, with 56.2% of adults reporting binge or heavy drinking in the 
metropolitan area. Salt Lake City, where 12.6% of adults report such a 
drinking habit, is the booziest city in Utah.


*12. Idaho
 > Drunkest city:* Lewiston
*> Pct of MSA adults binge or heavy drinking:* 18.6%
*> Pct. of state adults binge or heavy drinking:* 14.5%
*> Pct of driving deaths alcohol related:* 25.6%

Of Idaho’s five metro areas, a state-high 18.6% share of Lewiston adults 
report excessive drinking. Lewiston adults may drink more heavily than 
Idaho residents as a whole, they are less likely to drive under the 
influence than residents in other parts of the state. Alcohol is 
involved in 25.6% of deadly car accidents in Lewiston, 6.2 percentage 
points less than the 31.8% of alcohol-related car accident fatalities in 
the rest of the state. However, Lewiston residents have worse health 
outcomes than residents across both the state and the nation, likely due 
in part to the incidence of excessive drinking. Lewiston residents lost 
an aggregate of 8,594 years of potential life per 100,000 people last 
year due to premature death, compared to the corresponding 6,046 years 
of life lost in Idaho and 6,622 years of life lost nationwide.

Additonal story text is available at the link: *http://tinyurl.com/poze2rb*


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