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Rescuers use electric saw to free tiny tabby cat trapped inside the undercarriage of a Volkswagen Beetle car

- The cat named Baby had been stuck in the pipe for around 24 hours
- A member of the Los Angeles Animal Services team rescued the cat
- The man located the cat in the pipe and cut it free with an electric saw

Everyone knows that cats enjoying squeezing themselves into small places.
But sometimes foolish felines underestimate just how small these places are.
A tabby cat named Baby needed to be rescued from the undercarriage of an old Volkswagen Beetle car for exactly this reason.

The poor feline was trapped in the drive shaft chamber of the old VW for 24 hours.
In the clip the cat’s owner can be seen explaining to a member of the Los Angeles Animal Services team where she believes the cat to be inside.

After removing a section of the pipe, the man is able to locate the animal’s back legs and he begins pulling them towards him.

Before long the man is able to remove the cat from the drive shaft chamber.
He then presents the animal to its owners. 

The video concludes with the happy pair holding their slightly dishevelled pet to the camera.








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