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 Plus: Home-brewing morphine, and stunning new Mars vistas | Trouble viewing? Click here

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 Discover Newsletter:  05/21/2015

 Scientists Identify World’s First Warm-Blooded FishThe opah fish generates heat by vigorously flapping its fins.

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  D-briefGenetically Modified Yeast Can ‘Home-Brew’ MorphineExperts worry that illegal drug production could become widely accessible.
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  InkfishWhich Baby Animals Look Cute? It May Be No AccidentEvolution has created adorable babies so that their parents will take care of them.
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  Seriously, Science?Why You Say “Ow” When You Hurt YourselfVocalizations could actually help you tolerate the pain.
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  Drone 360Meet Lily, Your Selfie-Snapping Drone AssistantLily is described as the “world’s first throw-and-shoot camera.”
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  Historic Shipwrecks Preserved as Undersea MuseumsMichael BawayaOnce at risk from salvage and plunder, these shipwrecks are preserved in place as historical treasures for all.
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  Is the Future Already Written?Zeeya MeraliA conscientious cosmologist rejects Einstein’s notion that time is an illusion and the future is set.
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  The Future of Tactile Touch ScreensSushma SubramanianFrom smooth glass to rough sandpaper, tomorrow's haptic screens could create sensations as varied as real life.
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