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Courtesy of today's (May 21, 2015) Lewiston Tribune with thanks to Harry Jagerman.


Labrador's land grab
Under a new bill proposed by Congressman Raul Labrador (Lewiston Tribune, Friday), large expanses of our national forests could be switched to state management. Each state could assume management of a "pilot" project of 200,000 to 900,000 acres on our national forests using the rules under which they currently operate on state lands.
This will be a disaster for fish and wildlife, and the recreating public. Unlike the federal government, states do not have to protect fish and wildlife habitat. They are only required to meet very minimal water quality standards and they rely on best management practices to protect streams.
BMPs include common-sense measures like not operating in streamside zones, but logging levels are not restricted across the watershed.
States generally do not make investments in things such as trails and campgrounds, and it is doubtful that pilot projects will pursue much else other than more timber harvest.
Labrador is fond of saying that the states do a better job of managing the land because they harvest more timber. I suggest that one only needs to take a ride to your nearest state forest and compare the signature that has been left on land to that being left on the land in our national forests to see who is doing a "better job."
Most sportsmen and others who have actually spent some time looking around know the answer. If you care about our national forests, please write your congressional representatives to stop this thinly veiled land grab.
Harry Jagerman, Moscow

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