[Vision2020] Response to suggestion on the Daily News comment section to visit Gabe Rench's website for the "truth" about town liberals

Rosemary Huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Wed May 20 12:42:21 PDT 2015

Good Morning Gabe,


Because I believe that personal blogs are much like the living room of a
private home, I chose to contact you off-line rather than on your internet
space.  In other words, what you write on your blog is entirely up to you -
despite the inaccuracies.  But, in conscience I can't ignore your remarks
entirely, therefore, I will be posting this email on V2020 as well.


I was happy to challenge the planting of a sectarian college in the heart of
Moscow and would do so again if the occasion arose.  I believed then, and
continue to believe that it was beyond the scope of the (then) zoning
ordinances in Moscow. I notice that you forgot to include the silly, all
boys, Kirk related,  Atlas School held in the Nuart - boldly under the radar
of appropriate city officials, during the same time frame.  Are you claiming
that that was also permitted?  If memory serves me local sex offender and
wife abuser, Jamin Wright, was on the school's faculty.  In contrast to that
failed start-up business, we know that all the college educated, certified
teachers at the Moscow Alternative High School (which was on the far south
end of town not in the heart of downtown Moscow and open to all comers) was
quite unlike the religious belief requirements and conduct statements
required of NSA students or (at the time) the extraordinarily limited
credentials of the faculty.


I do not shop at businesses owned by Christ Church members.  Much like you
would not prepare a wedding cake for a same sex couple, I chose not to
support any businesses which provide, however indirectly, any tithing money
to the Kirk.  I say to you in truth, I knew nothing about the Christ Church
business owner list being prepared and handed out several years ago, and
neither did (as I understand the facts) the board of administrators of the
Co-op.  However, when asked I am not reluctant to share what I know about
Kirk owned businesses in Moscow. What folks do with that information is
entirely up to them - I don't ask, because I don't care.


The problem faced by your fellow church members doesn't come from the
liberal community.   It comes from the unceasing adolescent sniggering,
nudge-nudge-wink-wink, crap that rolls weekly out of your pastor's (Doug
Wilson) mouth.  Scripture, as usual, provides an answer.  " As a dog
returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly." Proverbs 26:11.
What a pity the elders and church members lack the backbone to apply a badly
needed muzzle. In the meantime, you and your Christ Church pals have to live
with the results, which, in case you are delusional, do not make you and
yours a martyr for the faith.


As ever,

Rose Huskey

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