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Thank you Lee Rosen and Nate Alford for having the courage to yank the tail of the hyena.  It is my hope that the retaliation for speaking the truth (there is always a price to pay for rumbling the less than gentle spirit of the Leader of the Pack) is not too high.  If it is, share that story with the rest of us – let the world know – it can be an effective strategy. On the up side, there is a great deal of pleasure in speaking truth to power (the power being the majority of Moscow’s and area residents).


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Bill London's Debate With Christ Church's Doug Wilson (January 27, 2004)

 <http://www.moscowcares.com/Bill_London/London_Wilson_Debate_KUOI_012704.htm> http://www.moscowcares.com/Bill_London/London_Wilson_Debate_KUOI_012704.htm


Courtesy of today's (May 19, 2015) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.



Our View: Keeping church and state of mind separate in Moscow

By Lee Rozen , for the Editorial Board

By embracing the vibe of peace, love, funky stuff and local, natural foods whenever possible, the Moscow Food Co-op has become a local institution that helps define the zeitgeist of the city.

Much more than do the city's 17 fast-food joints, the co-op helps define Moscow for many of its residents - as do the old brick 1912 Center and City Hall, Tye-Dye Everything, bicycle shoplouses, the University of Idaho, the Farmers Market, One World Cafe and East City Park's festivals.

The co-op's stature as one of the defining organizations downtown has led to some angst recently that it might change - or be changed. Being a co-op, it is owned and run by its members, most of whom note who is running in the elections for its board each year and then don't bother to vote.

So far, that's worked. But this year, two of the three new board members are affiliated with Christ Church. Another member of the board is, also.

So what, you might ask? Is it a problem if there are a bunch of Methodists or Wiccans on the board? The Christ Church members didn't reveal their church affiliation during the election, but then neither did any other member or candidate for the board.

The concern has to do with the nature of Christ Church, led by the gay-baiting Pastor Doug Wilson. The co-op's personnel policies have always been rather inclusive of nearly any lifestyle choice. Christ Church not so much. There's concern that a fourth member on the seven-member board from Christ Church might want to change those personnel policies, among other things.

It's almost like Monsanto, that company of caustic chemicals and genetically modified seeds for corporate farms, suddenly had three affiliates on the co-op board. And they just hadn't thought it important to mention that connection.

Wilson in the past has made statements - whether hyperbolic or not - about Moscow being the right size town because it was both capable of and worth being taken over in the course of 35 years or so. People remember.

New Saint Andrews, Logos, Bucer's, Nuart and Anselm House are all also associated with the Christ Church organization. Hardly overwhelming.

There are many who don't want the co-op to be next. We're among them.



Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" 

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Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


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