[Vision2020] Some animals are more equal than others

Rosemary Huskey donaldrose at cpcinternet.com
Sun May 17 17:49:52 PDT 2015

If inclusion and diversity is your cup of tea then perhaps someone can
explain why newly elected board members asked at the April meeting what
other the board thought of same sex marriage.  Why would they ask such a
question?  The answer can be found on Christ Church pastor, Doug Wilson's,
website.  Here are some links which might explain why it is a matter of
interest to them.








These three entries represent the tip of the iceberg  - Doug is enthralled
with the topic - but you should get the drift.  It seems to me that those
who favor the long time Co op reputation of supporting equality (in this
instance)  regardless of gender, orientation, or identification, should be
willing - indeed eager - to sign a statement to that effect.  On the other
hand, if you run with a crowd, or sit under the care of a pastor who never
misses a change to mock, belittle and name call you probably don't share the
general attitude of tolerance exercised by other members of the board.


>From a pragmatic perspective,  I am told that the Co-op Board has seven
members.  Four constitutes a majority.  How easily the traditional direction
of the Co-op could be changed if the a particular group of folks decide that
they wish to do so.  A signed statement of core values in terms that
celebrate inclusivity for members, patrons, employees and board members
(prior to elections or employee hiring) might be one way to ensure that the
will of the majority - whatever that might be  - will be honored.  


Good luck,

Rose Huskey


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