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Well, I guess you can all sit back and relax with the feeling of a job well
done.  Before you extinguish that torch or put down that pitchfork, though,
here is another person going through their own firestorm for making bigoted
comments on her twitter account that you might want to go after, if you're
still feeling that sense of self importance.  I won't be joining you again,
though, because she doesn't deserve to go through this online firestorm any
more than the principal did.

Online fury over Boston University professor's tweets on race

(CNN)Fury erupted this month over incoming Boston University sociology and
African-American studies professor Saida Grundy's tweets about white men,
race and slavery.

College student Nick Pappas wrote about Grundy's tweets on his website
a week ago with the headline "Boston University assistant professor Saida
Grundy attacks whites, makes false statements on Twitter."

Pappas, who will be a senior at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst
next school year, launched the site last fall, intending it as a
conservative BuzzFeed-style website.

Grundy, a sociologist who studies race, gender and class, received her
doctorate last year from the University of Michigan's joint program in
sociology and women's studies. She is to start work in a tenure-track
position at Boston University -- the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s alma
mater -- on July 1.

Her personal Twitter account has since been made private, but the Boston
Globe reported some of the tweets
"why is white america so reluctant to identify white college males as a
problem population?" and "every MLK week i commit myself to not spending a
dime in white-owned businesses. and every year i find it nearly impossible."

"Why are young white males a singled out issue to you Ms. Grundy, as
opposed to all young males?" asked the SoCawlege article. "If you are going
to work at Boston University you have to teach college aged white males
eventually no?"

And the Twitter fight was on.

You can read the rest here:


On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 9:19 AM, Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:

> Courtesy of 11-Alive (Atlanta, Georgia) at:
> http://www.11alive.com/story/news/local/stone-mountain/2015/05/14/nancy-gordeuk-fired-tnt-academy/27289365/
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> School director fired after racial graduation comment
> STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- The private school principal who gained national
> attention for a racially charged comment she made during a graduation
> ceremony has been fired.
> Dr. Heidi Anderson, chair of the board of directors at TNT Academy, wrote
> in a letter sent to the Gwinnett County NAACP that the board voted to
> dismiss school director Nancy Gordeuk:
> In light of recent events, the board of directors of TNT Academy has moved
> to dismiss Nancy Gordeuk as principal. During the coming transition, we
> will continue to prioritize support for our most recent graduates.
> Moreover, we will continue our commitment to providing students with the
> best educational classes, transcription services, and academic credit
> recovery possible.
> During last Friday's graduation celebration, Gordeuk accidentally
> dismissed attendees before the school valedictorian could give a speech. As
> people began filing out of the room, she asked them to come back, then
> said, "Look who's leaving, all the black people."
> Gordeuk later apologized to parents in an email, saying, "The devil was in
> the house and came out from my mouth. I deeply apologize for my racist
> comment and hope that forgiveness is in your hearts."
> Georgia NAACP President Francys Johnson said the organization is pleased
> with the board's decision.
> "Beyond the inappropriate remarks, the former principal attempted to
> legitimize the bizarre episode by claiming 'the devil made her do it,'"
> Johnson said in a statement emailed to 11Alive News. "This is not just
> about Mrs. Gordeuk's comments. The NAACP would defend Mrs. Gordeuk's right
> as a private citizen to free speech. However, those entrusted with
> responsibility for our children must set a high standard marked by
> civility. That is obviously a test the former principal failed."
> TNT Academy is a non-traditional school for home-schooled students hoping
> to obtain accredited degrees.
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