[Vision2020] Local taco economics

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Sat May 9 17:16:12 PDT 2015


The local Taco Time on Sixth Street is displaying on its advertising 
sign that they sold 39,358 tacos during their Cinco de Mayo sale of 69 
cent tacos.

Considering the Moscow population to be 23,866, then deducting 16 
percent for underage kids, leaves about 20,047 adults.  Dividing this 
number into the number of tacos sold means that this year's Cinco de 
Mayo TPC -- Tacos Per Capita -- is 1.96.  In other words, enough tacos 
were sold May 5th so that almost every adult in town could have had two 
tacos, if they were all equally distributed.

As far as economic statistics are concerned, it may not be as grand as 
full employment, but a local TPC approaching 2.0 is a pretty impressive 
number nonetheless.


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