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Ron wrote:
"Glass ends up as trash, anyway. It's ground and spread on the landfill."

Say it ain't so!  I've heard that before but always thought it was part
urban myth.

If true, it makes me think of the water I waste rinsing those glass jars
before putting them into the recycling bin  :-(  And, it certainly gives me
pause to think about whether continuing to do so when we go to single stream
recycling is worth the effort & energy expense (water to rinse, creating new
storage in the garage because the new recycling cart will take up my
existing recycling space, fuel to regularly drive to a drop-off location,
not to mention the wear & tear on my already fragile back, etc.).

I'd be interested to hear what others know/think about this.


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Daily News:
If Moscow adopts single-stream curbside recycling, it's estimated that
residential customers will pay an additional $1.08 per month above the
current $3.03 per month.

me: Glass ends up as trash, anyway. It's ground and spread on the landfill.

Ron Force
Moscow ID USA

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to vision2020
So how much is this idea going to cost the ratepayer? And now glass will end
up as trash. I doubt people will go through the effort to store it, then
haul it to the center.

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