[Vision2020] Single Stream Recycling & Glass

Saundra Lund v2020 at ssl1.fastmail.fm
Sat May 9 00:12:23 PDT 2015


We got The Letter today.  Does anyone know where besides the Recycling
Center glass will be accepted once we switch to single stream recycling and
glass will no longer be picked up?

Overall, I'm excited about the progression  :-)  Getting used to every other
week only pickup will be an adjustment and I'm not thrilled about piling up
recycling between, but we'll adjust . . . and rearrange our garage, I guess.

The most significant concern for our household will be that glass will no
longer be picked up.  Although I understand the problem glass creates in the
single stream recycling scenario, I'm pretty unhappy about having to haul it
to a collection location once we move to single stream recycling.  We have
been pretty diligent about recycling even before there was curbside
recycling, and glass is by far our household's largest (space & weight)
recyclable.  With the exclusion of glass, I really wish we would have had
the option of a smaller roll cart or bin  :-(  I'm not thrilled about losing
garage space for a container I expect will be much, much larger than we need
with the glass exclusion plus having to make reserve more garage space to
accommodate the glass we will now have to haul ourselves to avoid it going
to the landfill.

My dh enjoys his wine & beer, and he looked at me like I had two heads when
I suggested he switch to beer in cans and wine in boxes, and he was even
less thrilled with my suggestion that he give up alcohol altogether because
of the glass issue.  Go figure.

Moscow, ID

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