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The Smithsonian Book of Presidential TriviaThis message contains graphics. If you do not see the graphics, click here to view.

    Who is the only president to hold a patent? Which president did not vote until he was in his sixties? Which president rose early to practice piano? These questions and many, many more are answered in The Smithsonian Book of Presidential Trivia.  This book provides hours of entertainment and fun facts on America's presidents, from their lives before they were sworn into office to political campaigning and family life in the White House. The question-and-answer format provides a page-by-page trivia contest that can be played with friends and family or used as practice for an upcoming trivia night.

The Smithsonian Institution, with its incredible collections, is perfectly suited to illuminate both the humanity and grandeur of the American presidency. The Smithsonian Book of Presidential Trivia is sure to puzzle trivia lovers and presidential experts alike!    

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